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My paintings are based upon observations, memories, moments and emotions, past and present.

They also come from an enjoyment of materials and their effects, which I have spent a lifetime understanding.

The most important aspect of all, is the joy of colour and its emotions. Placing colour against colour, finding a poetry within the marks on the canvas and expanding them.

My most enjoyable subjects are the wild fields, hence the name 'poppylady', given to me about 14 years ago.

It is the energy created by the vigorous growth and the seemingly random, juxtaposition of colour, shapes and patterns which are always changing.

These form my main inspiration, clawing at childhood memories exploring the fields, having the freedom to roam and now with the dynamic fields of Menorca.



‘Hope Springs’, No Naked Walls, Chertsey, England.
Solo exhibition, Mahon, Menorca.


Solo exhibition ‘Joy’, Galeria Xibau, Menorca.


Collective exhibition, ‘Colors Salvatge’ 2 x 2. Galeria Xibau, Ferreries.
‘Aloart’, collective route map, Alaior.
36 artists.
Regala Art - Galería Xibau.
Mes d'Art Nadal 2010, Galería Rexta, Ciutadella.


Collective - ‘Mao Flors’, Gallery Kroma, Mahon.
‘Meeting Points’, Ajuntamiento de Alaior.
‘Colour and Fiestas’, Gallery in Centre of Tourism, Es Castell.
‘Aloart’, collective route map of 36 artists, Alaior.


Collective - ‘Mao Flors’, Gallery Kroma, Mahon.
‘Flors’, paintings and linea structures with flowers, Gallery El Pino, Mahon.


‘Night Lights’, Gallery El Pino, Mahon.


‘Big Blues’, Ca'n Pota, Mahon.


‘May brings poppies’, Gallery El Pino, Mahon.
Collective of 6 artists raising money for ‘Red Cross’  - Bodegas de Binifadet, Menorca.
‘Habitat Home Exhibition’ Mahon.


Collective of 20 artists, Galería Kroma, Mahon.


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